Hi there,

The Illustration Board, or the concept started back in May of this year. I was studying for my final exams and felt immense pressure to do well. One night I grabbed a piece of paper and a gel pen and there I went. After finishing this drawing I felt an urge to colour it (having just received 48 permanent markers) but was scared messing up a drawing I was keen off, then I realised there’s a such thing called a copy machine, and since then all the drawings I’ve made have accompanying hand coloured companions.
Since then I’ve worked on the first portfolio og these illustrations, I’ve been incredibly original and named these drawings : ‘The First Collection’ They all share the common theme of having intricate pattern work, and cooky colouring. As I moved along throughout this ‘collection’ I spent more time making patterns using rulers, giving it a more graphic feel and a touch of continuity.

As I finished up all 18 drawing and accompanying coloured versions, I wasn’t sure of what to do, but in an age where everyone seems to share everything online I figured I’d go ahead and join in, so here we are.

My plan thus far is to firstly share the work I’ve already done, but then continue on my new projects.


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